Automated Control Systems

Configuring Panel Designs

Our team of experts custom design and build control panels. Panel designs can be configured to reflect variation in equipment type specifications, the desired level of control sophistication, and other considerations relevant to a particular system application.

CED Corporation

Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) Systems

  • Control logic form various PLC & hardware vendors
  • Operator interface hardware programming
  • UL control system panels
  • Fully documented control logic programs
  • Industrial network communication layout design and implementation
CED Corporation

Human Machine Interface (HMI) & Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) Systems

  • Software integration form leading HMI / SCADA software vendors
  • Graphical animation of process data
  • Multiple security levels for screens and displays UL control system panels
  • Fax/Paper reporting of system status/alarm conditions
  • Alarm summary and alarm logging
  • Trending of process data
  • Messaging (pager, fax, email, phone, audio & visual alarm annunciation)
  • Data logging of process data w/remote access for control and monitoring
  • Customized reports with VB & VBA programming
  • Remote Access via the Internet for 24-hour access to the system